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About me

In 1969, I was born in Zlín, Czech Republic, where I still live and work. I have a passion for taking pictures, travelling the world, and seeking adventure. I’m a big fan of motor sports and competitive rallies. Since 2006, photography has been one of my greatest hobbies and the fulfilment of my life’s greatest dream. In addition to nature scenes and car races, I photograph everything that passes before my lens — people, animals, architecture and more.

I’ve yearned for adventure since childhood. As a small boy I devoured books by Jules Verne and Jack London, so that, as I slept, I would travel dozens of years in the past and thousands of kilometres from home to relive all of their heroes’ stories for myself. But besides reading, I had still another big hobby. I loved cars — toy ones and real ones — which accompanied me not only in childhood, but into my present-day life and my photography.

Time went by, I grew up, and my childhood dreams and fantasies receded before ordinary daily duties. The turning point didn’t come until a few years ago — specifically in 2006, when I got my first SLR camera and gave in to an intense interest in photography. I devoted all my spare time to taking photographs and trying to perfect my skills. And that’s apparently also when my dreams of travel re-emerged They had lain dormant somewhere inside me and waited for the right moment, which had finally come.

Thus it happened that all my passions and interests naturally started to merge.  It turned out that travel, photography and a love of motor sports could meld into one enormous, euphoric experience.  For that reason, at every opportunity, I love to set out for forgotten corners of the world and discover their cultures. During my journeys, I discover interesting people, exotic animals and beautiful natural scenery.

I take advantage of the excitement of car and remote-control model rallies. When I’m at a location, I draw inspiration from the place itself and try to capture its atmosphere as faithfully as possible. I don’t change reality — I prefer to photograph things as they are. This is why I’m motivated to take the best possible shots, so that later computer retouching is truly only cosmetic.

And even though I often teeter at the edge of danger, there are a lot of places I’d gladly return to. A yearning to use my lens to hunt down the next shot constantly drives me further.

Through exhibits of my photographic expeditions, I then try to transfer my experience to others and to inspire them to unleash their own imaginations. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than following one’s greatest dream. And it doesn’t matter if it’s photography, travel or racing...